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Feb 4, 2013 5:00pm EST
safer to drive faster now? >>> and the young girl who took on the taliban and survived reaches a new milestone today. >> i can see everyone, and today i can see -- and i'm getting better day by day. >>> and live pictures at bwi. the ravens have landed back in baltimore gearing up for that celebration starting in city hall and through the streets of the city. we'll be right back back after this short break to see them get off >>> onto the cabin there, joe and company about to deplane, as we say. they are heading home after their big victory in new orleans. again, a big parade on tap for tomorrow about 11:00. >>> all right. so there are more romantic ways to get diamonds and jewelry. you don't have to do a smash-and-grab. that's what happened today. some men armed with hammers robbed a jewelry store at the fashion center in pentagon city mall in arlington this morning. jackie bensen is live with the latest on this. of course we understand they went for the best stuff. >> that's right, wendy, they went straight for the rings, taking 27 of them, and police have noted this crime's proximi
Feb 11, 2013 5:00pm EST
found them surrounded by 300 heavily arm taliban. he led the charge through the day-long fire fight and led a team through enemy fire to retrieve several fallen soldiers. >>> the landsat 8 took off from california today. the new satellite has state of the art sensors that will create better quality images and more data. it's considered the most advanced satellite in nasa's fleet. >>> olympic skier lindsey vonn tweeting on her road to recovery today. she took a hard spill, you remember during the alpine world champions in'sryia last week. today she shared an update that said surgery went very well yesterday, and i'm recovering at home in vail with my family. she also thanked glue doug's ready with an update on the weather. it got a lot warmer today, didn't is? >> temperatures this morning weren't too bad. as the day went through, the mild air really came in. we're sitting into the 50s, 53 at the airport, winds out of the south at about 15 miles per hour. it's the southerly wince that have helped us to get above average. average highs are about 46. 5 in college park. right now manassa
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2